Bing Maps- geolocation column

  1. Overview bing Map

This feature was integrated  in SharePoint 2013 (automatically in SharePoint Online).  based on Bing map service

Mostly, there is a field type « Geolocation »  (Hidden)  that integrate any call of the Map service, and show the data in the list.  We will can also create a view from type MAP.


Add item:

Display Item

Create Map view

2. Installation

In SharePoint Online this column already exist.

In SharePoint On premise we need :
Bing Maps Key 
-Install SQLSysClrTypes.msi in all front-end servers.

To edit the BingMapsKey, open "SharePoint Management Shell" and execute: 
Set-SPBingMapsKey -BingKey $key
To add column to the list:
$list.Fields.AddFieldAsXml("<Field Type='Geolocation' DisplayName='Location' />",




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