Workflow validation

In SharePoint there is many workflow that allow you to validate list items. But, sometimes you must change your validation system to adapt to this workflow. For example, for the three steps validation, you have exactly a three steps and you have three actors. The solution ‘Workflow validation’ allow you to create your custom business process of validation.

From an administration interface, you add your steps and your actors dynamically switch the item.
These is a set of steps, when you define for each step the validator and the type of step. There is two type of step:validation task, and mail notification.

  1.        To specify the validator, there is three method to calculate him:
    static user: User or group
  2.        From the list column
  3.        From the user profile properties.

The workflow generate all the texts dynamically from the list properties: Object mail, body mail, title of the task and description of the task.

The workflow can create other additional tasks undefined in the business process. In fact, in some tasks, the validator can extends her task to be validated by another user or group. Therefore step in another actor to the process. The actors can validate without permissions on the item.

The solution has designed to validate any types of items (List, Library, Calendar, Event…). Then the workflow use a specific columns, added automatically to the list when you associate the workflow. This columns are:
Historic: to persist the comments of the validator
Status: to persist the state of the item (In progress, Validated, Refused).
The workflow use also a custom validation task with a custom interface.

In the same list you can change the validation process. But this changing will be applied to the new instance of the workflow. The old instance continue to using the old process.

Example of validation

This is a validation process used in many portals: The leave request. Using this solution you create your custom validation process without need to Visual studio or SharePoint designer. And with the same efficiency.

You create custom list ‘Leave request’ with this columns.
-Start date: date
-End date: date
-Comment: Text
-Teams: Users
-Team leader: User
The leave request pass by this process.

  1.        Validation team leader: Defined by the creator in the column ‘team leader’. If necessary the team leader can step in another user or team leader.
  2.        Validation Responsible: responsible defined in user profile properties of the creator.
  3.        Validation Group HR: static group
  4.        Send mail to the all team: The creator define all the members of team when he create the leave.
  5.        Validation per group ‘Administration Assistant’: to update the leave balance of the creator. In this step the group cannot refuse the item. He post a comment and validate.
  6.        Notify the creator: Send email the creator to notify her validation.

How it works

  1.        Install the solution
  2.        Activate the site feature ‘Validation workflow’
  3.        Activate the web feature ‘Validation workflow’
  4.        Associate the workflow ‘Validation workflow’ to the list.
  5.        Create your custom business process and associate.

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